Thrifty Nifty Thursday

Todays find comes from Hobby Lobby again
I love that store!
$.80 is all this little jewel cost me.
Then I took Scrap scrap fabric
and made the apron.

Nifty I Made it Monday

Last week you all got to see the dinning room table that I refinished and saved from the trash so today I decided to show you the rest of the room

Thrifty Nifty Tutorial Tuesday Pin Cushion

Thrifty Nifty Tutorial Tuesday Pin Cushion

Materials Needed

Poly fill
Cap (I used the lid to bathroom cleaner but a hairspray cap or spray paint cap would work also)
Scrap Fabric
Glue Gun


Step One
Cut a circle slightly bigger then the bottom of your cap.

Step Two
Glue Circle to the bottom of cap and up the sides

Step Four
Measure a piece of fabric for the side making it slightly longer and about 1.5 inches taller. Hem the bottom edge of the fabric.

Step Five
Glue the hemed piece of fabric around the sides with the hem towards the bottom.

Step Six
Tuck the excess fabric inside and glue down.

Step Severn
Fill cap with poly fill.

Step Eight
Cut a piece of fabric about twice the size of the bottom piece you cut. Sew a loose running stitch around this piece.

Step Nine
Put a ball of poly fill in the middle of the fabric you just sewed.

Step Ten
Gather the fabric around the poly fill And tie off.

Step Eleven
Glue the piece you just made into the cap

Step Twelve
Add your Embelishments and pins and you are good to go

Nifty I Made it Monday

If you would like your image featured on I made it Monday please e-mail them to me with a link to the photo or the photo and your blog link.

Thrifty Nifty Tutorial Tuesday Chair Recover

Welcome to Thrifty Nifty Tutorial Tuesday

Todays tutorial is on chair recovering for beginers.

The Materials Needed:

  • Fabric (enough to cover the seat of your chair with extra for securing it)

  • Trim (enough to go around the seat of the chair)

  • Spray paint (if changing the color of the chair)

  • Upholstery Foam (if desired)

  • Glue gun

Step 1

Remove the seat of the chair usual by removeing some screws in my case there were four of them.
Step 2

Spray paint chair if desired.
Step 3

While chair is drying remove the old seat covering and remove all of the stapples. I used screwdriver and a pair of neddle nose pliers to do this.
Step 4

Hot glue the upolostry foam onto the seat of the chair.
Step 5

Hot glue the fabric onto the chair by placing the fabric on the table right side down. Then place the chair seat on top of foam down. Bring the edges up to the bottom of the seat an glue them down. Starting with one side then doing the side across from it. (note you may also staple the fabric to the chair)
Step 6

Folding the corners please refer to the following photos it is hard for me to explain.

Step 7

Continue folding and glue till all four sides are complete this is what it should look like:

Step 8

Glue your trim to the underside of the chair Seat.
Step 9

Screw the seat back on the chair and you are done.

Nifty I Made it Monday

This week's "I Made it Monday" come from Craft Blog.

Here is my sewing Machine Cover. I made using these instructions. I also modified it to make a Cricut cover for my Cricut machine.
Sewing Machine Cover
Cricut Cover
(Sorry about the blurry image)

Thrifty Nifty Thursday

Welcome to Thrifty Nifty Thursday

Todays Thrifty Nifty Thursday was found at Hobby Lobby

I brought 3 of these little jewels

Original price $7.99

I paid a Whopping $.70
what am I going to do with three of these you ask? Well the second I saw them I knew what there purpose in life would be.

TaDa ribbon holders for my craft room.

Another great giveaway

Check it out here

Thrifty Nifty Trash Can

Thrifty Nifty Trash Can

To make this little jewel you will need: one of those popcorn tins that are out around Christmas time(save the lid for a later project coming up),
some scrap fabric, glue gun and glue,Stitch witchery, Iron, trim, and elastic.

Step 1: Put your can on your fabric and measure
the amount you need. Leave about two inches
on every side for your seams.

Step 2: Measure were your first seam around
the can needs to be.

Step 3: Stitch witchery the seam.
(you can also sew it. My sewing machine
was getting a tun up so I used stitch witchery).

Step 4: Test fit your fabric on your can and
fold down the top this is the pocket for your elastic. stitch Witchery (or sew) this down to create pocket.

Step 5:
Measure elastic around can this will give you length you need of elastic. Then thread
elastic through the pocket you just made and
tie or sew elastic ends together.

Step 6:
Put your fabric back on your can
again and glue your trim around the bottom of
the can. This secures the fabric to the bottom
of the can.

Now your can is finished Slide the top down put in your trash bag and slide top back over trash bag. No bag to be seen on the out side and no worries of it falling to the bottom of the can when used.

I hope that you liked my first project and hope that you come back for more Thrifty Nifty Crafts.