Thrifty Nifty Tutorial Tuesday Pin Cushion

Thrifty Nifty Tutorial Tuesday Pin Cushion

Materials Needed

Poly fill
Cap (I used the lid to bathroom cleaner but a hairspray cap or spray paint cap would work also)
Scrap Fabric
Glue Gun


Step One
Cut a circle slightly bigger then the bottom of your cap.

Step Two
Glue Circle to the bottom of cap and up the sides

Step Four
Measure a piece of fabric for the side making it slightly longer and about 1.5 inches taller. Hem the bottom edge of the fabric.

Step Five
Glue the hemed piece of fabric around the sides with the hem towards the bottom.

Step Six
Tuck the excess fabric inside and glue down.

Step Severn
Fill cap with poly fill.

Step Eight
Cut a piece of fabric about twice the size of the bottom piece you cut. Sew a loose running stitch around this piece.

Step Nine
Put a ball of poly fill in the middle of the fabric you just sewed.

Step Ten
Gather the fabric around the poly fill And tie off.

Step Eleven
Glue the piece you just made into the cap

Step Twelve
Add your Embelishments and pins and you are good to go


Holly Renee said...

Wow! This is super easy, even I could do it. Nice tutorial!!

The Redhead Riter said...

Cute. I like the ribbon and the bow around the whole thing.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Very cute!

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