Thrifty Nifty Trash Can

Thrifty Nifty Trash Can

To make this little jewel you will need: one of those popcorn tins that are out around Christmas time(save the lid for a later project coming up),
some scrap fabric, glue gun and glue,Stitch witchery, Iron, trim, and elastic.

Step 1: Put your can on your fabric and measure
the amount you need. Leave about two inches
on every side for your seams.

Step 2: Measure were your first seam around
the can needs to be.

Step 3: Stitch witchery the seam.
(you can also sew it. My sewing machine
was getting a tun up so I used stitch witchery).

Step 4: Test fit your fabric on your can and
fold down the top this is the pocket for your elastic. stitch Witchery (or sew) this down to create pocket.

Step 5:
Measure elastic around can this will give you length you need of elastic. Then thread
elastic through the pocket you just made and
tie or sew elastic ends together.

Step 6:
Put your fabric back on your can
again and glue your trim around the bottom of
the can. This secures the fabric to the bottom
of the can.

Now your can is finished Slide the top down put in your trash bag and slide top back over trash bag. No bag to be seen on the out side and no worries of it falling to the bottom of the can when used.

I hope that you liked my first project and hope that you come back for more Thrifty Nifty Crafts.


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