Thrifty Nifty Tutorial Tuesday Recipe Holder

Thrifty Nifty Tutorial Tuesday
Recipe Holder

I have been promising a craft with the lid to the popcorn bucket that was made into the trash can and here is it.

I have been seeing
these recipe card
holders every were
and that sparked
this idea.

Material Needed

One popcorn tin lid
Spray Paint
Easel (I got mine at the Dollar Store)
Decorative items for Magnets

Start with you lid and spray paint it to the
desired colored

When dry set lid on easel and add your decorative

Below are some ideas for magnets and uses other
then recipes.

Recipes with yoyo Magnets

Use to hold important Business cards and notes.

Use it for Photos

Use it for project ideas and patterns

Button Magnets

There are many ideas and uses Please feel free to share yours we would love to here them these are just a few of mine.


'Cross the Pond said...

I LOVE this. My 3 year old and I are going to make one this weekend for her art work!

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